because Lea's worth it...


The behind the scenes video for #OnMyWay is out on VEVO NOW!!! 


So proud to say that I’m officially a New York Times Best selling author! SO AMAZING!!!


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Anonymous said: Who's Gema? what? who HURT you?!

It was a few years back! We just got into a disagreement but everything’s ok now! No worries :))

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Rachel Berry in “Frenemies” (05x09)

Lea Michele by Terry Richardson (2014)

Lea Michele for Seventeen Magazine (April 2014)

"I think in life, it’s so important to love as hard as you can love, to live as hard as you can live and to really live life to the fullest because we are only given one life. I feel it’s important to be bold, be brave and be strong. Live your life louder, that’s why I named (the album) that.”

Lea Michele singing “Cannonball” on The Tonight Show (March 4, 2014)

t h e m e
Rachel Berry - Glee